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Digital Music Royalty Collection & Distribution System


MAESTRO is an off-the-shelf digital solution that covers the entire end-to-end workflows required for licensing bodies to collect, distribute, and manage Music Royalties

MAESTRO modules


  • Allows individuals/businesses to easily sign up and pay for their music royalty dues online.
  • Contains a Compliance Workflow, which will notify/inform new and existing users that they need to comply with the laws/rights requirements for the commercial consumption of music through notifications and alerts and/or final demand letters/text messages


  • Enables licensing bodies to obtain a playlist from licence owners via different technology options
  • Enables accurate identification and tracking of music that an individual/company has played
  • Enables royalties to be fairly attributed to the appropriate parties.

Currently includes (but not limited to):

REKO Box*: Sound recognition device which will feed Amadeus the playlist of songs played by an individual/business.



  • Allows for management of all potential payees of music royalties in a cloud-based system.
  • Enables qualified members to register themselves as composers, lyricists etc.
  • Allows members to register new pieces of work
  • Enables members to raise disputes related to royalty calculations
  • In combination with the royalties distribution module, allows members to view their earnings/royalties due to them and the source


  • Enables calculation of royalties owing to each qualified member of the industry/association
  • Generates summary of royalty amounts due each month
  • Generates detailed and summarised distribution reports on a monthly basis, per licence.
  • Fully automated process for licensees who have submitted Song Listings for the corresponding period
  • Enables identification and matching of Licences and Song Listings and evaluates completion level of Song Listings before proceeding with corresponding royalty calculations
  • Licence holders can see where their fees are being distributed
  • Music Industry Members are able to view the sources of their income in detail.
  • Enhances transparency with all parties by allowing reporting at various levels


AMADEUS Digital Xpress is a technology solutions company specialising in the development of cutting-edge digital solutions for a diverse range of applications.

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